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Introduction to IBEW / Code of Excellence
May 04, 2024
20 Craftsman Road East Windsor CT 06088
Steward Training
Jul 13, 2024
20 Craftsman Road East Windsor CT. 06088
Introduction to IBEW / Code of Excellence
Aug 10, 2024
20 Craftsman Road East Windsor CT. 06088
Introduction to IBEW / Code of excellence
Dec 21, 2024
20 Craftsman Road East Windsor CT. 06088
Union Roots
Jun 24, 2021

Taken from the 'The IBEW Steward'

"Our Union Roots"

The American Labor movement has a long and honorable tradition. Workingpeople have formed and joined unions for over 150 years to protect and extend their interests, to gain a fair share of the wealth of this nation, and to secure a degree of dignity on the job. Years of struggle have produced an institution which numbers in the millions and commands the attention and respect of the business community and the political seats of power.

Labor unionists across the country pay their dues, support their local unions in times of need, and maintain an allegance to the labor movement. They realize the battles fought and won in the past years must never be forgotten. The struggle to protect workers' rights must go on with every generation.

The men and women who are selected to represent their fellow workers at the work site will determine how effective union members will be in their struggles dealing with job security, technological change, health and safety, and dignity and respect for workingpeople.

Each of us have been touched in some way and had our life influenced by the existence of the labor movement in America. For some of us, the heritage of unionism is very recent-situations which we have experienced personally or in which members of our immediate families have been a part. For others, the union movement has long influenced the lives of their ancestors and their own lives. For all of us, the labor movement has existed to protect and improve our well-beingas workers and citizens.

Over the years, the union movement has been a vitally important part of our society. It has become an American tradition. It is an American institution, and is part of our hertitage.

Do what you think is right. Be fair in your judgements, and you will win the respect of all concerned.

IBEW Local 42
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